The Harmony Coach

Bringing Perfect Harmony Into Your Life With a Certified Holistic Coach 

Deborah Elizabeth Schrepper, LPN, CHC

Founder & CEO of Harvesting Life's Lessons

Sharing current & personal life lessons I've learned along my journey. A single mother, a nurse, author of several books "Harvesting Life's Lessons" and best seller, "Her Secret Sins" due in stores 2017, an International Speaker. Empowering all walks of life with a variety of subjects as well as sharing my story of how I overcame many challenges including addiction. As a Certified Holistic Coach I continue to grow in knowledge & encourage others to learn to overcome the organized chaos that surrounds each of us. With a clear purpose & vision began Harvesting Life's Lessons to L.I.V.E. (lend individuals a variety of encouragement). I am woman of strong faith. I give back to my community in a variety of ways as well as a board member on two nonprofit organizations boards with in my community . Diligent and determined to spread the message of H.O.P.E (Help Others Persevere & Endure) to those who have walked & perhaps remain walking, through similar challenges as I once did myself. Having overcame the rough terrains that still will cause a tear to fall from my eyes. I use those past experiences that caused a painful, hurtful, messy past, push me past obstacles using them as tools to climb to higher plateau's and harvest the lesson that appears through each experience. My mission: Inspire others to keep climbing their mountains, with the message you are not alone. Keep climbing. Life is a gift, to unwrap with excitement and embrace it, and walk in our purpose. Every new day that appears brings us one step closer to the top of the mountain!